A Cost-Effective and Reliable Way to Feed the Growing Power Demands of Our Electricity-Hungry World

Malta’s electro-thermal energy storage system is a new grid-scale technology that collects and stores energy for long durations. Energy can be stored from any power generation source in any location – be it wind, solar, or fossil fuels – enabling reliable and predictable operation of the grid.




Intermittent Energy Sources Lead to Grid Instability

Wind and solar energy resources are abundant, inexpensive, and clean. But the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t always shine. When these natural resources fluctuate, expensive capital investments sit idle, or are required to operate in a way that causes damage and shortens asset life.

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According to lowest estimates, at least 100 GW of storage will be installed worldwide by 2025.

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Up to 30% of solar energy in California is wasted because it cannot be used when it is produced.

*California ISO


Up to 43% of wind energy is curtailed in certain regions of China.

*New Enterprise Associates

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Germany is on track to surpass its renewables target of 40% by 2020.

*AG Energiebilanzen e.V.





An Option to Store Energy on the Grid at Low Cost for Long Durations


When solar panels, wind turbines, and fossil plants are busy generating energy, storing that energy for later use has been a key pain point for grid operators worldwide. Malta’s solution mitigates wind and solar curtailment with improved matching of generation and demand, while at the same time removing the bottleneck in both distribution and transmission systems.

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