Malta is a new energy storage engineering company focusing on the construction of megawatt-scale pilot plant facilities. We encourage applicants from all engineering disciplines as well as the business sector. We are currently seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates for the positions listed below.



Plant Controls and Operability Engineer

The Plant Controls and Operability engineer will define nominal plant operating sequences for the Malta energy storage plant. This position will support functional design teams, define operational missions for hardware development, build simulations for plant operation validation, and produce documentation for distributed control system (DCS) implementation. Applicant will be responsible for developing controls logic and specifying station controls instrumentation to meet plant operational requirements. Applicant will interpret and construct P&ID and PFD documents as well as component specifications for control logic development.

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  • BS or MS degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, or Power Systems Engineering

  • 7+ years of experience

  • In-depth knowledge of power plant equipment, operations, and control logic

  • Gas turbine, LNG, and/or CSP plant experience


  • Experience with Turbotronic, Mark VIe, SPAA-T3000, Rockwell Automation, Johnson Controls and/or other distributed control systems

  • Experience with Dymola Modelica, NPSS, and/or other transient simulation tools



Project Manager

The Project Manager will oversee development plans, including schedule and budget, for Malta's major near-term workstreams. Tasks will include the development of a viable product with associated design development, as well as the development of a pilot project site, including site selection, detailed engineering, and ultimately construction, commissioning, validation testing, and site commercialization. Project plans will include integrated product development schedules and budgets for multiple concurrent workstreams that supports technical development and capital fundraising. This position will interface with engineering teams, financial investors, customers, hardware vendors/manufacturers, contractors, and construction firms. The Project Manager will report on project status, risks, and key decision points with company board, as well as lead multi-disciplinary engineering team meetings. The Project Manager must also identify internal hiring needs, identify contractors, assign responsibilities, define priorities and set deadlines.

This position requires strong communication and leadership skills for managing strategic partners and internal team members. Applicants should also have clear thinking skills for real-time risk management and solution implementation in a fast-moving startup environment. Candidate will be required to communicate technical and organizational developments to a wide audience of engineers, customers, and financial investors on a regular basis.

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  • BS or MS degree in Mechanical, Systems, or Power Systems Engineering

  • Deep understanding of thermodynamics

  • 10+ years of engineering experience in a professional setting

  • 5+ years of project management experience

  • Previous experience as a project manager for complex power plant projects, ideally one or more projects deploying novel technologies

  • In-depth knowledge of power plant equipment, operations, and construction

  • Proficient in project management software (e.g., MS Project)


  • MBA or PMP

  • Professional Engineering license in any state in Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering

  • Construction management expertise

  • Experience with electrical interconnection and industrial utility service

  • Experience with permitting and environmental regulations

  • Gas turbine, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and/or concentrated solar power (CSP) plant experience